Mergers & acquisitions pros Chuck Treister (left) and Marc Rosset are joining forces to help buyers and sellers navigate the demanding Covid-19 business environment.

Two often recommended and highly experienced representatives of our industry, have joined forces to help operators navigate the difficult and challenging environment we all currently face. Marc Rosset, founder of Professional Vending Consultants, Inc, and Chuck Treister, lately of US Vending Management are both well respected and proven leaders in their respected fields.

US Vending Management

Chuck has over 30 years’ experience that includes 2 stints at Crane Merchandising Systems as a Vice President of Sales for the US, Vice President of MAB Services, at one time the largest vending and refreshment provider in LA, and as an acquisition expert that was instrumental for the successful sale of not only MAB, but also the sale of Shop 24 to a private equity firm.

Just a few of his other ventures include overseeing his own Vend Management operation and other services such as profit enhancement and business food industry consulting for clients such as Volkswagen of America, 3M, NAYAX, USAT, Fastcorp, Southern Food Services and Price Waterhouse Cooper, just to name a few.

Professional Vending Consultants

Marc is founder and president of Professional Vending Consultants Inc., a specialized intermediary for acquisitions of full-line vending, food service and office coffee service companies in the U.S. PVC has represented more than 310 transactions with gross sales revenues of just over $900 million since 1993. Marc has played a key role in helping to establish industry-recognized guidelines for the value of operations in our industry.

As his clientele is much too numerous to account for here, just a few of his well-known clients include Canteen, AVI, American Food and Vending, First Class, Family Vending, Tampa Bay Vending, Aramark, Company Kitchen (Treat), CRH, Mark Vend, Old Fashion Foods, First Choice, and Water Station Technologies as well many Canteen franchises such as Derringer Corp, Imperial Coffee, Continental, Cafe, Pepsi Mid America, Atlantic Vending, and Canteen of Owensboro.


Marc and Chuck have partnered with the goal of helping refreshment services operators unlock value and realize the monetization of the business they have built, during this difficult period for the industry. Covid has actually led to new firms who want to establish themselves by purchasing top notch existing operations. Numerous deals are being offered where the existing owners stay on and employees and warehouse facilities are kept in place.

Remarkably, Marc and Chuck have made specific deals with purchasers across the nation who actually are looking at more than the normal number of options available to operators. And the prices being discussed, historically, are among the highest ever offered in our industry. Acting as intermediaries has allowed them to manage the process for both the operator and their interested prospective purchasers. This unique approach lowers cost, reduces time, increases flexibility and smooths the process for both parties.  Marc is arguably the most experienced facilitator in our industry with an unparalleled reputation for integrity, confidentiality and results.

If you would like to discuss the possibilities you can contact Chuck at 714-273-2433 or Marc at 312-654-8910 (

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